Microgreens Recipes: 11 Delicious Ways to Eat Microgreens

Finally, it’s time to savor your microgreens recipes from the previous day.

So, how do you consume them? Microgreens are thought to be the best to consume raw.

In the meanwhile, each microgreen has its own distinct flavor, as described here. As a result, they can be utilized in a variety of drinks, soups, plate garnishes, and other dishes.

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11 Recipe with Microgreens

Take a look at the examples below to get a sense of what I’m talking about:


In many Asian nations, stir-fried microgreens are a popular dish.

Garnishes for the plate

Microgreens are the best way to offset the too meaty taste of chicken, cattle, mutton, fish, or pork.


Snow peas, radishes, vinaigrette, and strawberries make up the ideal microgreen salad mix.


The cocktail/tea with microgreens recipes!


The sacred breakfast ritual – why not include microgreens in an omelette?


Strawberry on top of a blended microgreen mix, Excellent!


Pizza with arugula and tomatoes in an Italian style!

Powdered Microgreens

Do you despise broccoli? Why don’t you try the powder?


Tomato soup with a hint of zing or a soup with roasted broccoli microgreens


Microgreens, bread, mango, and brie so there you have it!


Purple radishes and feta cheese top a farina torte.

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