What do Microgreens Taste like? – 28 Best Tasting Microgreens

You may have previously consumed raw microgreens and are wondering what do Microgreens taste like in actual. They usually have a modest flavor profile: mild, crisp, and juicy.

Microgreens are generally healthier than regular vegetables, they also come in a wide range of flavors, including sweet, spicy/peppery mild, earthy and nutty herb-like, and more. It’s for this reason that Microgreen’s being sold fresh for $25-40 a pound.

Microgreens have a wide range of use as a result of this. They’re great for

  • Garnishing,
  • Soup Flavoring,
  • Sandwiches,
  • and Salads, among other things.

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If you can’t eat them all, don’t chop them all. They deteriorate quickly, so check here tips on how to store microgreens properly.

Which Microgreens Taste the Best?

You’ll find the flavor profiles for 28 best tasting different sorts of well-known microgreens below:

  1. Alfalfa – Tastes nutty, mild, crisp, and pea-like
  2. Amaranth has an earthy beet like flavor
  3. Arugula — peppery, nutty
  4. Beet – earthy and slightly sweeter than beetroot
  5. Broccoli is a mild, crisp, thick vegetable
  6. Pak Choy – Slightly bitter, mild, earthy, slightly sweet, juicy
  7. Buckwheat – Tangy, lettuce-like taste, slightly sour
  8. Cauliflower – mild, peppery
  9. Cilantro – Strong, citrusy, celery-like flavor
  10. Clover – Nuttiness, crunchiness, mild earthiness, and juicy
  11. Cress – Spicy, tangy cress
  12. Dun pea — somewhat sweet, crisp, and flavorful
  13. Fava bean – sweet, juicy, crunchy, nutty flavor
  14. Flax is a nutty, moderately spicy seed
  15. Kale has a mild, sweet, broccoli-like flavor
  16. Kohlrabi is a mild, sweet vegetable
  17. Lentils have a mildly bitter, pea-like flavor
  18. Lettuce – has a rich flavor, is mild, and some varieties are slightly sweet
  19. Mung bean — mild bean flavor with a hint of butter
  20. Mustard — somewhat spicy, sweet, and tangy
  21. Parsley – A succulent, subtle parsley flavor that is both refreshing and energizing
  22. Quinoa – Slightly bitter and earthy, Quinoa is a mild grain
  23. Radish – spicy, pungent
  24. Perilla – a spicy herb
  25. Sorrel — a tangy, lemony vegetable
  26. Sunflower – mild and nutty
  27. Tatsoi – mild mustard flavor
  28. Wheatgrass has a grassy flavor and is mildly sweet and bitter

There’s a lot more than that; take a look at these 87 different types of microgreens.

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